Cafe Strudel – West Columbia, SC

In Columbia if you are looking for a great breakfast, brunch or lunch, excellent coffee, cool casual vibe, and more… Look no further than the Cafe Strudel in West Columbia, just over the bridge from downtown. It is a wonderfully eclectic, kinda hippy little spot that I just love.
I have actually only ever eaten breakfast there, but the dozen or so times I have been there it has always been great.  I love to take new visitors to our fair city there for a nice relaxed meal which has never failed to impress.
Cafe Strudel

One unique thing about Cafe Strudel is that it is two stories with dining on both.  Local art of all kinds lines the walls in every room, so it is worth the walk to sit upstairs just for that fact.  Their coffee is self serve in these adorably cheesy old mugs (likely gathered from friends, family or local thrift stores) that have everything from penguins to I ❤ Mom!  I do recommend you fill your cup before you go find your table though, otherwise you will be headed back downstairs to get it.
TheHungryDad is now the SuperMom

Today I ventured away from my usual order of the “hangover hash browns” which is their signature dish, and tried their Sunrise Burrito!  It was great with scrambled eggs, fresh made salsa, black beans and sour cream in a tortilla. Totally filling without being too heavy.
Sunrise Burrito
Most of the rest of our group stayed safe for the most part with a Traditional egg breakfast and a hash brown with cheese & a bagel.
Traditional Breakfast  Hashbrowns with Cheese and a bagel
H Hoe  her

However, one of the members of our party did step up and get the famous Hangover Hashbrowns (which are famous because they were featured In Southern Living, Sept. 2006) have a generous portion of our golden hash browns with grilled onions, banana peppers, tomatoes, cheddar and two eggs cooked to order. It is decadent and YUMMY!
Famous Hangover Hashbrowns

Be sure and visit for lunch too. I hear it is fantastic then too… and Sunday Brunch is ALWAYS PACKED so come early and/or prepare to wait a while for a table… but it is worth it!


They are on Facebook too; HERE  
And on Twitter too! HERE


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